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Faerie Stories
An Ars Magica Supplement
by Neil Taylor and Phil Masters

Inspired by the legends of Brittany, Faerie Stories is a collection of ideas and detailed supporting information for Ars Magica(tm), with a common theme: encounters and dealings with faeries. It is a simple but useful tool for storyguides and their troupes; a source of tales and ideas, ready to use when the storyguide needs an incident to fill a gap in the flow of play, or is looking for some fresh inspiration. While nominally set in northwestern France, it can easily be moved elsewhere in Mythic Europe.

Description: 112 pages, perfect bound
Stock Number: AG0271
ISBN: 1-58978-045-0
Suggested Retail Price: $22.95 (US)

Shipping to Distributors in November 2003

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