The CD writer on Scott's machine is now burning a disc. Boy, it's been a lot of work, but we're really happy with the results...

On this disk are two projects. First is Once Upon A Time. We're switching production of this game to Carta Mundi's U.S. plant, to save time and hassles in future printings. In the past we've always printed it in Belgium, which had some advantages (combining print runs with our foreign language licensees), but meant the extra costs of transatlantic travel and customs brokerage, and sometimes extra delays. (One time a reprint was held up for 3 months in US customs!) This first time, though, switching production has meant a delay, as we have had to generate new films and other set-up for the U.S. manufacturing. Along the way, the packaging is changing very slightly -- we'll be using a new tuckbox design that will have the three decks side by side in a tray, which slides inside a separate cardboard jacket. I hope this will actually work better for storing the game, compared to the current one-piece box.

The second project is The Dork20 Deck, which just looks fantastic. It's a really neat game accessory, and it's also just fun to read and look at, with John Kovalic's beloved cartoons as illustrations. Watch our website for more information and previews as we count down to the official release of Dork20 in December!

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