Just Passing Through...

This is one of those exhausting days. Up at 5 AM to catch a plane back from Seattle, where Michelle and I had been since Thursday night visiting a bunch of friends and enjoying excursions to such places as the Pike Place Market and the Chateau Ste Michelle winery (along with two other wineries down the same path, while we were in the neighborhood; and we couldn't help stopping at Games Plus in Woodinville, too...). We got back to the Minneapolis airport and headed straight north to the office, since we have had an awful lot to do today. Crime and Punishment had shown up, so I've spent my day packing orders and making phone calls to distributors. Tomorrow morning I'll be in to take care of just a couple late arrivals...and then we're off out of town again, this time to the workshop being hosted by one of our main printers, a few hours north of the Twin Cities. It should be fun and educational for Michelle and I (Will and Scott had their turn at it last year), and while we're there we'll be checking the proofs of To Go, the UA mega-campaign that is now in production at the printer.

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