Atlas Moves Downtown

So, we've finally hit the point where no amount of rearranging skids can make our warehouse big enough to house the new products coming in -- like the two Dungeoneer sets and Dork20 decks we're expecting any time. It's time to expand, and has been for quite a while, actually.

So, we're teaming up with the Source Comices & Games -- our sister company, actually, since Atlas' co-owner Jerry Corrick also has a majority stake in the Source. The Source is Minnesota's largest game store, and likely one of the largest in North America, too. If you haven't seen it, it's definitely worth a trip. They also run the Atlas Games, Steve Jackson Games, and Dork Storm Press booths at big conventions like Origins and GenCon, and they do fulfillment for Dork Storm Press. That means they've got warehousing needs, too, that they can't house in their store space.

So, Atlas Games and the Source Comics and Games will be moving into an ENORMOUS shared warehouse with attached office space (the Source is just moving their warehouse, not their store ... calm down, already). We're doing some preliminary work in the next few weeks -- painting, carpet, etc. -- but we're anticipating the move will be pretty much complete by the end of November. So, if we're a bit behind in answering emails and updating the web site in the next few weeks, please bear with us. It's a big change -- we've been in our current space for more than 10 years! -- but it'll make us better able to produce the games you love in the long run. Thanks for making it possible!

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