[Insert Witty-Sounding But Not-Actually-Witty-At-All Headline]
Hi there. A few new things around the website over the last few days. A new preview PDF for Crime & Punishment is available, with feats and crunchiness. A new 5MB preview PDF for Ancestral Vault is also available, with even more crunchiness but no feats. Changes have been made to the site's general organization, and in some places that means new graphics. More changes are on the way, but not until well after we move. Has no one mentioned that? Someone better suited to the task than I should clatter some keys about that, I say.

On other fronts, the imminent release of Dungeoneer draws near (as imminent things do), but is still not imminent enough. Soon, though. Likewise, the return of Once Upon a Time (now with working links!) and the cartoonishly bloody first appearance of Dork20 (now with fewer embarassing typos!). I can tell you're excited. So are we.

I'm off now to some Feng Shui-type work. I'll give you a hint. It starts with I and ends with Ron & Silk. More later.

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