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Game Design Seminar in Northampton, MA
Author and game designer Chris Aylott (Dynasties & Demagogues) is also a game retailer. His spacious and much beloved store, The Space-Crime Continuum, is located in Northampton, MA. (If you're like me and have never been north of Pennsylvania without also being west of Ohio, that's somewhere near a town called Boston, and should not be pronounced "North Hampton.") On October 12th, Chris Aylott and The Space-Crime Continuum are hosting a game design seminar with author Mike Mearls (In the Belly of the Beast). Get your copies of Dynasties & Demagogues, Last Hero in Scandinavia, and In the Belly of the Beast signed, take in some advice from these experienced game designers, and generally have a good time.

Check out The Space-Crime Continuum website for more information.

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