Further Proofs
The proofs of Blood of the Valiant have come in from the printer and gone right back out again. Things look good and I'm really excited to get the book back from the printer and into the hands you, the customer. More than that, I'm eager to get talking about the next Feng Shui book on the schedule, but one thing at a time, I guess.

I've just about wrapped up my proofreading pass of Sacred Ground II, which means we're on schedule there. That book's got some terrifically vivid locations and rich characters that I think you all will really enjoy. Plus, Michelle melted her brain turning high-level characters into v3.5-compliant high-level characters and it's the least you can do to give one or two of them an appearance in your own campaign. :-)

More on all things Atlas here as they happen. I'm off to prepare the Sanctuary of Ice web enhancement for y'all. Now go play.

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