California is MUCH warmer than Minnesota!

GenCon SoCal was this weekend, as you may know, and though attendence seemed low compared to the number of exhibitors and games being run, Atlas Games, combined with Steve Jackson Games and Dork Storm Press, managed to come out ahead! Kudos to the dedicated Special Ops demo team members who helped make it happen ... Paul Tevis spent an insane amount of time at the booth, Merwin helped us take down after the con, Darren Miguez jumped right in and even joined the Dungeoneer tournament, and Adam Casabarian got some good Lunch Money demos in. All of them picked the Dungeoneer rules up quickly and did a great job teaching it to customers. Thanks to all of you!

More con report later ... John is having (what we're told is minor) knee surgery today so it's time for me to put on my caring and concerned hat.

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