All Quiet in the Office

It's pretty quiet here today...since Will is home sleeping in, after going to see the midnight screening of The Return of the King with the Fantasy Flight crew. I, on the other hand, got to stay home last night, and keep my knee elevated after some outpatient surgery (what they call an "Arthroscopic Meniscectomy"). On the bright side, this knee is not keeping me from using a computer, so I get to log in to the blog and share some exciting product news: In March we'll be publishing Greg Stolze's long-rumored Unknown Armies novel, Godwalker. The official word, which has already gone out to distributors, is as follows...

An Unknown Armies Novel by Greg Stolze

The synergy of contrary combination …
No one’s all that sure what to make of the Freak, except that it’s a powerful fleshworker and the mortal incarnation of the Mystic Hermaphrodite, which can change its gender and appearance at will. People who try to find out much more than that usually die dramatically.

It’s all a roll of the dice …

So when two chaos mages work the odds with their unborn child in a play to depose the Freak as godwalker, it’s tantamount to throwing themselves in the path of the cosmic train. But chaos has a way of taking care of its own, and reality has ripped itself asunder for much less.

What will you risk to change the world?

Hardcover, Stock No. AG6009
ISBN 1-58978-051-5, MSRP $27.95

Shipping to Distributors in March 2004

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