Left Out
To pick up the spare, I'm filing a dispatch today, too. Yes, I saw Return of the King last night, when I wasn't playing cards for popcorn money. Don't get me started about movies, though.

Captions Are In
We have our winner in the Dork20 Caption Contest. In a way, though, you're all winners because you all get to enjoy the funny captions of your friends and fellow gamers. Unless, of course, your name is Robert Everson, in which case you're the actual winner.

Have a look at those captions right here. We received more than 165 entries, many with multiple (some with downright lots of) captions for your consideration. See for yourself, then let us know if you think any of them threaten John Kovalic's seat on the throne as King of Dork Tower. We will then have the caption tried and executed for sedition.

Iron & Silk & Paint & Pixels
You should know by now how much I enjoy the covers Kagan McLeod does for our Feng Shui books. He's now completed the trifecta with Iron & Silk, the new Feng Shui book due out early next year. The cover's available for perusal on our website. Soon, then, we'll formally announce the next Feng Shui book. I'll give you a hint, though: It starts with an "F" and rhymes with "ends of the dragon."

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