2 Pages Love, 2 Pages War, 2 Pages Dragon
With new books comes new preview PDFs. I can tell you're excited. Love & War, the follow-up book to Crime & Punishment by David Chart (Splintered Peace) has arrived at the warehouse and begun shipping, as you read below. To tide you over on its long bus ride to your local game store, read Love, two pages of courtly romance from the book, or War, two pages for combat-themed characters.

For Ars Magica fans, we've got a peek at Living Lore, our marvelous new catalogue of legendary people, places, and objects from real-world history and mythology. Living Lore was edited by David Chart (Green Ronin's Medieval Player's Manual), who's no doubt relieved to see that both of these books are finally in print. (I've almost got the willpower to avoid making the Atlas/Chart joke here.) For an advance look at Living Lore, download these sample pages from the book's entry on Acidius, Beowulf's Dragon.

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