Attention Retailers: Out of Print Titles

Thanks to the spiffy Aegis System of Centurion Hobby Distributors, it's easy for me as a manufacturer to log in and see what they have in stock. I was doing that earlier this week, and noticed that they have a few copies of a whole bunch of out of print Atlas Games titles. If you're a retailer and you've been having trouble tracking down any of these titles, you might give Centurion a holler:

AG0204HC Ars Magica 4th Edition Hardcover
AG0265 The Mysteries (Ars Magica)
AG0503 Twelfth Night (Ars Magica)
AG1015 Faeries (Ars Magica) - 1st Edition
AG3020 The Sorcerer's Slave (Ars Magica)
AG3035 Festival of the Damned (Ars Magica) - 1st Edition
AG3201 Thieves in the Forest (Penumbra/D20)
AG3211 The Ebon Mirror (Penumbra/D20)
AG3500 Dystopia (Champions)
AG3505 Foxbat Unhinged! (Champions)
AG3510 Blood Fury (Champions)
AG5000 The Arasaka Brainworm (Cyberpunk)
AG5005 Night City Stories (Cyberpunk)
AG5010 Osiris Chip (Cyberpunk)
AG5025 The Chrome Berets (Cyberpunk)
AG5035 Chasing the Dragon (Cyberpunk)
AG5055 Greenwar (Cyberpunk)
AG5065 Cabin Fever (Cyberpunk)
AG5070 Northwest Passage (Cyberpunk)
AG6003 Postmodern Magick (Unknown Armies)

If you're not a retailer but an individual, you may want to check out, a nifty site that lets you pick up those hard-to-find items through your local game store.

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