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This is one of those "a little bit of everything" days for me -- some packing orders, some answering phones and e-mail, some proofreading, and more. Will is out sick (so he says -- I suspect he's just trying to put off sending out the contributor copies of Living Lore!), but Scott is in the office, showing off the artwork in progress for one of this summer's big releases, Cthulhu 500. The race car illos are done -- I'm especially fond of the betentacled Car of Cthulhu, though the Escherian stylings of the Sport Cthutility Vehicle (why just go off-road, when you can go off-dimension?) are nice as well. Sometime soon we'll have to put up an image gallery on the website.

Our new brochures arrived today, several days earlier than scheduled. (It's a time of year when printers are often early, as the general economy has a seasonal slowdown and they don't have as much of a work backlog.) We're delighted with how they turned out. The design is much like last year's brochure, but Scott and Michelle updated it with the recent releases (like Dungeoneer) and the card games we have scheduled through the end of summer (including expansions for Dungeoneer and Once Upon A Time). Plus, we replaced the "Fight Like a Little Girl" poster with a new one for Lunch Money: Sticks & Stones. We'll be giving out the flyers through distributors (we'll ship copies with LM:S&S next week), at the GAMA Trade Show, and throughout the year by other means (such as sending them to conventions). If you just can't wait to get one (so you can put up that new Lunch Money poster on your cubicle or dorm room without delay), send us a self-addressed, stamped envelope: Atlas Games, 885 Pierce Butler Route, St Paul, MN, 55104.

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