It only SEEMS quiet...

...because we haven't written in the blog yet this week. But, in truth, it's been very busy here. This afternoon we just sent three books to the printer: Cause and Cure (Ars Magica), Friends of the Dragon (Feng Shui) and En Route III: The Road Less Traveled (Penumbra/d20).

At the same time, we're busy packing up goodies for the GAMA Trade Show. This year I've decided not to bring every product in print -- that's just too much stuff, and the reality is that not a lot of retailers are interested in spending their finite time at the trade show leafing through books we published 10 years ago. Instead, I'm bringing one copy each of all the items we released in the past 12 months, plus various evergreen essentials (bestsellers and core rulebooks). This makes it easier to bring more items to give away to buyers at the show -- things like a lot of copies of Lunch Money: Sticks & Stones. We have lists of all the in-print titles, of course, but we want to focus our quality time with retailers on the exciting products we've done lately, and the other exciting products that are coming up soon.

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