Sticks and Stones and Delays

We have some unfortunate news with respect to Sticks and Stones: It is delayed. The decks themselves are all printed and packaged, but there was a problem with the display box. When the printer was trying to pack the decks into the displays (we have a nice point-of-purchase display, holding 10 decks, for retailers to better be able to merchandize the game), they discovered that they had provided us with the wrong dieline -- the decks don't fit in the boxes. Now we're waiting for a new die to be made, new display boxes printed/cut/assembled, and then at last the games can be sent to us. We had been expecting the game to ship to us from the printer last Monday, March 1st; our best guess now is that it will ship next Friday, March 12th, from the printer to us. That means it will arrive the following week, while I'm at the GAMA Trade Show in Las Vegas, so I won't be able to ship it out until I get back. On the bright side, we're still not late, strictly speaking, since we'll still be releasing the game in March, as announced...but we'd all been hoping for March 1st rather than March 19th.

Also on the bright side, we have a bunch of actual decks in our hands already, and we're going to get some more sent to us to help promote the game at the trade show. With some Special Ops assistance, we'll be running a lot of demos to heighten retailer awareness and interest at the show. The pre-orders we have from distributors are tremendous...already we've pre-sold almost half of the print run, and not all of our regular distributors have placed their orders yet.

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