Atlas Guy Loses Driver's License, Hears About It All Weekend
Last night, my trip to Ontario for the Great Canadian BayCon came to a sickening close as my seat (and, I suppose, the rest of the plane) swerved, tipped, and dove in landing maneuvers over Minneapolis-St. Paul airport. The convention, however, was great fun. This weekend I got to play Dungeoneer more often than I had before in 2004, so I am now geekily awaiting this summer's Den of the Wererats expansion just like everyone else. Lunch Money: Sticks & Stones seemed to be the most eagerly anticipated product at the show, and quite a few people asked for demos of that. Good times, natch.

Although I'm sure you all have heard this already (was it on the internet or something?), I lost my photo ID at the airport within just a few feet of the plane that was meant to take me to Buffalo, NY. Fortunately, it turned up later on so I was able to get to New York just a few hours late, but seemingly everyone in attendance had heard of my numbskullery and, so, made fun of me about it. If you'd like to make fun of me for losing my ID, go ahead and put your joke in an email to me so I can delete it.

My favorite thing about shows like BayCon isn't getting to see new cities (in this case: Buffalo, Niagra Falls, and Hamilton, ON) -- though I love seeing new cities -- but meeting new people. Everyone (seriously, every person) I met from Lion Rampant Distribution was happy and friendly. Meeting retailers from as far apart as Nova Scotia and Alberta was a delight, but I've got to offer great thanks again to Erik and Rob from Yggdrasil Games in Waterloo, Ontario. If you're in the Toronto area, go and ask them for a Sticks & Stones demo or a game of Dungeoneer.

Finally, too, I've been able to get a look at the cards in the new Shadowfist card game expansion, Seven Masters vs. The Underworld, from Z-Man Games. Artist Michael Komarck has done up a stellar image for the box and the booster packs (it's the same image in the back of Friends of the Dragon), and the cards have a slew of handsome new art, too. Find it and get a good look for yourself.

Just as good, I've come back to find a nice new review of Friends of the Dragon on RPGnet, which makes it easier for me to forget how nauseous I feel today.

Now, it's back into work at the deep end. Tonight, then, maybe I'll try to relax with a nice bottle of port. Anyone seen my ID?

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