Meanwhile, back on the vineyard...

While Will was traipsing about Canada, Michelle and I went down to Madison, Wisconsin, for the weekend. It was a mix of business and pleasure. On the business side, we visited ACD Distribution on Friday afternoon. (More on that later.)

On the pleasure side, we visited Michelle's family, and on Saturday drove out to Prairie du Sac for an afternoon of wine tasting at Wollersheim Winery. Don't laugh! There are in fact some darn good wines native to Wisconsin (and Minnesota for that matter -- bring a designated driver if you ever get a chance to visit the Northern Vineyards co-op over in Stillwater, or Winehaven on the way up toward Duluth). Last summer was hot and dry here in the upper midwest, which is very good for the grape vines (it results in concentrated sugars and flavor, as I understand it). If Wollersheim's samples of the 2003 vintage are any indication, we're really going to enjoy hitting some of the other regional vineyards over the course of this year. We were especially pleased with the Domain Reserve 2003, which they make from their oldest Marechal Foch vines on the estate's steepest slopes. They haven't bottled this vintage yet (they are about to transfer it from the American oak barrels its been in since the fall, into French oak barrels for another 6 months of maturing), but they had samples from the barrels, and they were really, really good. We were sold; Michelle and I plunked down our money for advance purchase of a case, which we'll pick up when we're down for the family Thanksgiving this fall.

But enough about viticulture. While at ACD, one of the things I did was check on their stock of items. As usual, they do a good job of stocking our whole line, which also means that they have things around that we've sold out of. If you're a retailer, here are some of the items that are out of print, but which you can get from ACD (or at least from one of their two warehouses). If you're a store, give 'em a shout if you've been looking for one of these; or if you're a consumer, let your local store know to ask ACD, if they have not been able to locate one of these items for you:

AG0204HC Ars Magica 4th Ed Hardcover
AG0503 Twelfth Night
AG3020 The Sorcerer's Slave
AG3100 Furry Pirates
AG3207 En Route
AG3211 The Ebon Mirror
AG3500 Dystopia
AG3505 Foxbat Unhinged!
AG4002 Golden Comeback

Naturally, they can supply all of our in-print titles as well.

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