Old-Fashioned Style with Older-than-Time-Fashioned Performance
Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, and feast your eyes on this handsome specimen of automobile! This is the classic, often-imitated, never-duplicated Car of Cthulhu! It's retro chic with a chthonic shreik! This baby's got the horsepower and the cephalopodpower to get you there first, and the gorgeous ivory body to do it in style. Cream-colored, leathery interior comes standard, with optional powered windows and back-seat-mounted gramophone available now. Enjoy the luxury you deserve and the power you want with our custom-designed infernal-combustion engine with tentacular soul-intake/radiator filter system. Yes sir, this sweet machine is all class.

Plus, I think Harrison Ford drove one of these in Miskatonic Graffiti.