A Late Addition

We have a late addition to the production schedule: Beer Money greeting cards!  We're going to try to have a small quantity on sale at Gen Con next month.  I plan to ship to distributors in early September (we will have to collate and assemble the final product, which will take time after the convention chaos is past.)  We expect that these will be very popular at conventions and in stores with eclectic product mixes (like bumper stickers, t-shirts, buttons, etc.), and should be popular among fans of Lunch Money and Beer Money...and those who just have an offbeat sense of humor.

Unwell Wishes™
Beer Money™ Greeting Cards

There should be greeting cards for every occasion -- and Unwell Wishes are here to fill in the gaps. In the past, you might have had trouble finding a card with the right tone for a recriminatory breakup, or for notifying an ungrateful child that you've written them out of your will. Now you have appealing stationery options for these and countless others of life's memorable milestones.

In one clear plastic box you get eight greeting cards and envelopes to match. The inside of each card is blank, for your personal message, while the outside sports one of the image/text pairs from the hit card game Beer Money.
  • Coldcock: "'Deserve' has nothing to do with it."
  • Freedom: "I just need some time. And space. And everything you own."
  • Grab: "I know where you live. I saw what you did."
  • Horror of Horrors: "You're so STUPID. No wonder mother hated you most."
  • Kick(2): "It's not me. It's You."
  • Kick(4): "Worship me. Lick my boots. Bring me CAKE."
  • Little Helper: "Roses are BLACK, Violets are BLUE, The sugar is GONE, Now so are YOU."
  • Self Help: "Pain creates suffering. Suffering creates desire. Desire is the key that opens any door."

Based on the Beer Money card game by Charlie Wiedman, with photography by Andrew Yates
Stock No. AG2902, ISBN 1-58978-069-8, UPC 7-00040-02902-2, MSRP $9.99 for a pack of 8 cards and envelopes

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