Gloom: Media Darling?

We've just found out about some more media attention being paid to Gloom!

First off, Mike Stackpole mentions Gloom in his "The Winning Edge" column in November's Comics & Games Retailer. It's in the headline and everything! In Mike's review of GenCon, he says "a lot of people pointed at Atlas Games' Gloom as a title to be looked at and, in fairness, I should note that I bought a copy at the show myself." He goes on to say "Gloom is illustrative of what I found most hopeful and best about the convention ... it's an innovative design."

Also, we just got a call from Toy Directory Monthly saying that Gloom has been selected to be a part of their Toys in Motion feature. Just go to their Toys in Motion: Games & Puzzles page, scroll about half way down the page to the Gloom entry, and you'll see a Watch Video link that'll take you to a nifty little Media Player short showing what the game looks like. Cool stuff!

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