Unhappy Homes back in stock

The second half of our shipment from India of Gloom and Unhappy Homes was delivered to the warehouse early yesterday afternoon. Orders for Unhappy Homes that had been pending have been shipped; some other orders sent in to me yesterday are packed and waiting for today's UPS pickup. The base Gloom game is still in stock (it had not run out). If your favorite retailer or distributor has been OSM for the past couple of weeks, they should either have an order on the way or they are able to place an order if they need to.

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  1. Hi, Jim -
    Thanks so much for the last, very promptly-filled order. I must tell you
    that the inclusion of candy with each shipment has worked very nicely in
    keeping my wife off of my back about my game purchases (include more Tootsie
    Rolls, less Fireballs).

    Now, to the email subject...
    'Gloom' by Atlas Games was one of my recent purchases. It looks like a real
    interesting game, but I have a problem. Exactly half (55) of the cards are
    printed so faintly that they are unreadable. Frequent use of red text on the
    cards exacerbates the problem. No problem with the other half of the cards,
    or with the 'Unhappy Homes' expansion. I unwrapped and mixed the cards
    around a bit before realizing the magnitude of the problem, but it would
    make sense that they are all from the same one of the two decks included.
    I would write to Atlas directly, but they offer no customer email address at
    their website. Do you have one for them?
    The defective cards, I believe, are all from the deck that includes the
    'Castle Slogar' and 'Hemlock Hall' families.
    Thanks for any help you can give me.
    - Fred (fgosnell@macconnect.com)