January 2006: Covenants (Ars Magica)

The covenant is the home and the magi and the heart of an Ars Magica saga. Much more than just a base camp, its prosperity determines the power and safety of the characters who live there, and the challenges faced by a covenant shape the whole saga.

This book includes:
  • New Boons and Hooks, for a wide range of saga styles;
  • Guidance on governance and covenfolk;
  • Story-based rules for determining the covenant's wealth;
  • Rules for developing libraries and enchanting books; and
  • Rules for personalizing and improving a magus's laboratory.
Everything you need to bring your covenant to life is here!

Authors: Timothy Ferguson, Mark Shirley, Andrew Smith, and Neil Taylor
Stock Number: AG0280 | ISBN: 1-58978-083-3 | MSRP: $29.95(US)
Format: 144 pages, 8.5" x 11", hardcover

Covenants: An Ars Magica Players' Sourcebook
Shipping to Distributors in January 2006

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