Well, that was fast

Yesterday afternoon I got a call from one of our distributors, who had realized their order (which we'd shipped Tuesday) was not going to be enough to meet their immediate needs for Gloom and Unhappy Homes. Their supplementary order (I guess it's not really a "restock" if they haven't shipped out any of their orders yet) cleans out all I have left on hand of Unhappy Homes.

As I've mentioned before, the balance of our shipment of Gloom and Unhappy Homes is still on the way, because the printer split our order into two separate containers on account of the back-up of cargo in Mumbai after the monsoons. Its arrival in port was about 10 days behind the first shipment, so my guess is that we should have it in 1-2 weeks. But we're temporarily out of stock...

Also, the majority of Unhappy Homeswas in the first container. The amount still to come only represents about 1/3 of the print run. At this point I have no idea what the reorders for the expansion deck will be like, depending on how well distributors gauged demand when they placed their initial orders. When we do get the balance in stock, it might go quickly.

Our supply of the Gloom card game itself, meanwhile, should be ample for the near term -- through Christmas and beyond, unless demand spikes a lot more than I expect. And if that happens, well, I'll just find some way to live with it. :-)

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