Jeff Tidball to Rejoin Atlas Games

This morning I have an exciting announcement: We are hiring Jeff Tidball; he starts work next Tuesday, October 11th.

Jeff used to work for Atlas, but he left us to pursue an MFA in Screenwriting from the USC School of Cinema-Television. He then spent time on the staff of Decipher's Los Angeles office (working as developer of the Lord of the Rings RPG) and more recently for a mobile phone game company, Tomo Software. Jeff has continued to work for us on a freelance basis now and again (designing, for example, the Origins Award winner Cthulhu 500). We're delighted to have him back on board as a full-time employee.

Jeff will be working from his home in Los Angeles. He'll be helping in a couple of areas where we've experienced bottlenecks (such as by taking over my current tasks related to art direction and layout on Ars Magica books), and he'll be developing and producing new card games and board games.

NOTE FROM MICHELLE: Jeff's biography is now up at