Status Report: Gloom/Unhappy Homes

I wish I had something definite to say about Gloom this morning. The ocean freight company says they "released" the first of two shipments of Gloom and Unhappy Homes on September 22. The bonded warehouse where it is supposed to be arriving in the Twin Cities hasn't received it yet. It shows up as expected in their system, but they have no tracking data on where exactly it might be. Eleven days (and counting) seems rather long to be in transit from New York to Minnesota, but I can't get anyone to tell me when it will actually arrive on my dock, or where it is right now. In the meantime, I have orders from almost all of our customers, and I've already prepped the paperwork, so -- although the volume of orders is huge (almost all of the Unhappy Homes that is due to arrive in the first shipment from our printer is already spoken for, and we have purchase orders for more than a quarter of the total print run of the Gloom reprint already), I should be able to turn around the orders pretty quickly.

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