Atlas' Best Out of the Box

We're happy to report that Ken Hite recently mentioned Northern Crown, Ars Magica 5th Edition, and Rune in his "Legends of the Fall" year-end Out of the Box column, also known as the "Outie Awards."

Also in his "Twelve Days" top 12 of 2005 list, Ken features Northern Crown at number 9: "These two volumes cover a d20 treatment of North American legend and myth set in a vaguely colonial 1666 with Cotton Mather, Paul Bunyan, and Ben Franklin all wandering around. Wendigo, Headless Horsemen, and aerostats, oh my! Near-perfectly flavored, and packed with fresh-killed American meat. Plus, ties to Nyambe, for people who wanted to know what the other best roman-a-clef pastiche RPG setting ever was.

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