Covenants Update

The latest word from our printer is that Covenants is a little bit ahead of schedule. I told distributors I was expecting to ship next Friday (Feb. 3), but it sounds like the books may arrive in our warehouse as soon as Monday. We'll be able to commence shipping to non-US customers right away, but whether we can ship early to US distributors will depend on whether I get their numbers in ahead of the deadline I gave them. In any case, the slightly early arrival is good news (it means the books will actually be in our warehouse in January, the scheduled month of release!).


  1. Yayy, that's good news! Looking forward to it, but I hope that Mysteries and HoH:MC gets even more ahead! ;)

  2. Angus MacDonald1/27/2006 10:54 AM

    O frabjous day! Caloo! Calay!

    We chortle in our joy. :-)

  3. Ah, so when will it be available for order at Warehouse 23 for all us antipodeans?

  4. It should be activated for ordering on W23 sometime next week.

    -John, who seems not to have his Blogger account info loaded on this computer