Mystery Cults Gets ENnie Nomination!

Atlas Games is pleased to have Houses of Hermes: Mystery Cults for Ars Magica nominated for an ENnie Award for Best Supplement this year!

Houses of Hermes: Mystery Cults details the Inner Mysteries of the four Mystery Cult Houses:

* House Bjornaer venerates animal ancestors, and strives to perfect the form. Their Mysteries enhance the heartbeast, ultimately allowing the magus to unlock mythic forms.

* House Criamon follow ancient teachings and seek escape from time itself. The many paths that they walk to this end grant powers that can include immortality.

* House Merinita move among the faeries, ultimately joining them. Their spells can draw on faerie glamour, awaken the fay slumbering around them, or inflict curses on those who break their promises.

* House Verditius crafts the greatest items, putting a little of themselves into their finest creations. Pride in their creations is often their downfall, and these magi are terribly prone to the most deadly sin.

Congratulations to line developer David Chart, cover artist Grey Thornberry, and authors Erik Dahl, Timothy Ferguson, Matt Ryan, and Mark Shirley. And thanks to all the Ars Magica fans out there!

To vote for Houses of Hermes: Mystery Cults, go to the EN World voting page between July 17th and 30th. Thanks for your support!

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