Penumbra - now complete in PDF

Today's addition to our downloadable bookstore on RPGNow is Three Days to Kill, the first d20 System licensed product we offered for sale back in 2000. The first is last, in a sense -- this now completes the digitizing of the entire Penumbra line of books...the whole shebang is now available for download, in case you have any trouble finding the dead tree versions.

In case you're curious, here's a complete listing of Penumbra's 27 volumes, with direct links to RPGNow:

AG3200 Three Days to Kill
AG3201 Thieves in the Forest
AG3203 The Tide of Years
AG3204 Touched by the Gods
AG3206 Maiden Voyage
AG3207 En Route
AG3208 The Last Dance
AG3209 Beyond the Veil
AG3210 Backdrops
AG3211 The Ebon Mirror
AG3212 Seven Strongholds
AG3213 Seven Cities
AG3214 Occult Lore
AG3215 Unhallowed Halls
AG3216 Lean & Hungry
AG3217 Splintered Peace
AG3218 The Penumbra Fantasy Bestiary
AG3219 Uncommon Character
AG3220 Dynasties & Demagogues
AG3221 Sacred Ground
AG3222 En Route II: By Land or By Sea
AG3223 Crime & Punishment
AG3225 Sacred Ground II
AG3226 Love & War
AG3228 En Route III: The Road Less Traveled
AG3229 Seven Serpents
AG3230 Seven Civilizations


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