Another Sneak Peek!

As requested, another teaser for Ars Magica! View a sneak peek of Ancient Magic, a new supplement for Ars Magica Fifth Edition. This book, which will be available in January, contains descriptions of nine forms of ancient magic, and rules for integrating their secrets into Hermetic theory. Plus, you can now pre-order both Ancient Magic and City & Guild from Warehouse 23.

Additionally, the card list for the upcoming Unwelcome Guests expansion is now available.

New Spanish translations of the rules for Cthulhu500 are now available thanks to Rodolfo Schmauk.


  1. Ancient Magic looks intriguing and exciting -- I shall certainly be looking forward to this one!

  2. I agree - the Table of Contents looks fascinating, with more than I'd hoped for! Kudos to Atlas.

    Thanks also for the Warehouse 23 links - much appreciated by someone who has to essentially order all my Atlas products via this method.

    Any chance the Table of Contents / Introduction chapter of the previous ArM5 products could be posted on the Ars Magica 5th edition homepage to tempt new players?