Corpse Recall

A serious problem came to our attention yesterday, regarding the brand new Let's Kill: A Pretty Corpse.

This expansion deck is supposed to have 33 "Let's Kill" card backs and 22 "Victims" backs, just like each deck in the original game. (This was engineered so that future reprints could combine press runs, with all the backs being identical and being able to run with one pass through the printing presses.) Unfortunately, someone at the printer rearranged the backs so that 3 of 5 card types have the wrong backs now, and the count is 20 "Let's Kill" backs and 35 "Victims" backs. The result is that, bluntly, the entire print run is defective and needs to be destroyed.

If you have purchased a copy of this expansion deck, please return it to the retailer from whom you purchased it at your earliest convenience.

I have issued credit memos to our distributors for all of the copies of the game that we sold. Those distributors in turn will be issuing credit to your local store, who can then accept the return from you. (In other words, we've already issued refunds for every copy of the game that we sold; it is just a matter of the credits/refunds working their way down the chain to the end consumer.)

The printer is rushing to produce a corrected print run. We don't yet have an ETA, but we hope that we will get it done soon and get it back out into distribution. (The game was printed in the USA, so even without it being a rush job it should take two months or less to produce the finished goods. We're hoping the turnaround will be much faster.)

We apologize for the inconvenience to all of our customers and business partners.

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