Battle of the Geeks: Installment Six

It's me again, continuing this ongoing series wherein I belabor the point, over and over again, that I'm a much bigger gamer geek than John.


You might have heard that I earned my PhD in English Literature a few years ago. But did you hear what the TOPIC of said dissertation was? Here's a hint ... it's called Playing with Power: The Authorial Consequences of Roleplaying Games. That's right. I wrote my dissertation on ROLEPLAYING. And not even just D&D, which is pretty much mainstream. Nope, I went even geekier and chose Call of Cthulhu as my exemplar, writing about how the different subject positions (such as the game designer, GM, player, etc.) all take an authorship role in the creation of the game's narrative. You can read the abstract of it to prove that I'm totally serious.

This pretty much proves that I'm a bigger gamer geek than ANYBODY ELSE IN THE WORLD, I'd argue, since I think I'm the only one who's done such a thing, or at least I was at the time. But definitely geekier than John.


Michelle = 6
John = 2*

* In the comments of my last post, I ended up being merciful and granting John 1/2 point for first showing me the gazebo poster (see Installment Five), and 1/2 point for playing WOW (see Installment Three) ... just to keep you all up to date.


  1. I once did a paper from classical literature comparing Odysseus to James Kirk. Tons of expendable characters, gets lucky at every port, described as desirable, maintains a particular code of honor...

    Not that I'm competing for the title of world's biggest geek, just thought you might find it interesting.

  2. It's only undergrad, but I wrote a 3-day 50-person live roleplaying game as the bulk of my English thesis... exploring interactive literature as a form of storytelling.

    And I'm glad to see Unfortunate Expeditions on the horizon!

    Keith Baker