Gloomy Update: Unhappy Homes Sold Out

We've just sold out of the latest printing of Unhappy Homes (AG1252), the Gloom expansion.

The other Gloom expansion, Unwelcome Guests (AG1253), was already sold out. Our supply of the core Gloom game is likely to last a couple of months, depending on how orders go (this is a typically slow time of year, but Gloom sales have been very strong lately).

We are coordinating a huge combined (re)printing for Gloom in the near future. We need to reprint the core game, the two previous expansions, and we also have a brand new expansion to produce, called Unfortunate Expeditions. (I just sent around the solicitation info for this new release.) We hope to have all four titles delivered to our warehouse by June.

Price Change on Gloom Expansions

We're doing our best to hold down prices, but we're facing increased per-unit costs from our supplier even with larger print runs and more titles running together. We are planning to hold the price of the core Gloom game at the same $24.95, but we need to increase the expansion prices from $13.95 to $14.95. This will be the price of the new expansion deck as well as the two reprinted expansions when we have them back in stock this summer.

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