Gift Box Update, 9/10: 2 1/2 Pallets

As I'd hoped, I did finish packing all of the gift boxes today, and began labeling them for shipping. I managed to get ten of them labeled for the US Mail before our mailman came in the morning, and sent those off with him; then another 35 boxes were ready for our daily UPS pickup. More gift boxes will be on their way on Monday, though we'll also have to get to work on shipping out the reprints and new releases which did make it into our warehouse this afternoon.

Here's a photo of all the gift boxes just before labeling started, stacked up on two full and one partial pallet:


  1. It's like Christmas!
    Third year of my Ars Magica saga begins on Sunday. All the best to you, the twins, and the rabbits!

    Darren formerly of Vegas

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