Gift Box Update, 9/13

I came into work over the weekend to work on the gift boxes, and as a result I had a pallet of Priority Mail boxes ready this morning for a scheduled pickup. The mailman came by before 8 AM, and picked up a total of 116 boxes, bound for foreign and domestic destinations. I also have been working today on labeling boxes going UPS, and 74 of them are all ready for UPS pickup this afternoon.

This leaves only a few stragglers, mostly overseas boxes that take more time to process because of customs documentation.

If your box has shipped, you should receive tracking information via PayPal.


  1. John Michael Davis9/15/2010 6:04 PM

    I got my box today, and just wanted to say thanks guys, I got Recess!, Seismic, Grand Tribunal, Gloom, Lunch Money Button Men, an Ars Magica magazine, Hell Bent for Underground, Penumbra Sacred Ground II for d20. I can't wait to dig in and start playing, you guys/gals are officially AWESOME!!

  2. I got my box yesterday. Some really awesome stuff in it, thanks! :-D

  3. I got my box yesteday and was totally surprised at that games I got. Thanks! I have been telling all my gaming friends at work to go buy your games. I plan on getting more myself.

  4. Thanks all! I'm especially pleased when I hear people saying they'll be buying games and telling their friends to as well... :)

  5. Got mine today!

    Corruption; Letter Head; Recess; Seismic; Beer Money Unwell Wishes cards; Pierced Heart; an OTE T-Shirt, an Unknown Armies poster, and a Feng Shui book.

    One item (Corruption) duplicated something I already had, but it's already found a new home.

    Thank you very much!