Reprints at Press: PoMoMa and Furry Pirates

Later this month two long-out-of-print titles published over a decade ago will return to the Atlas Games warehouse: Postmodern Magick, a supplement for Unknown Armies; and the stand-alone roleplaying game Furry Pirates.  Both reprints will be priced at $29.95 MSRP.  We don't yet have a delivery date from our printer, but we did sign off on the proofs of both books earlier this week.

If you literally can't wait to buy these books in print, both PoMoMa and Furry Pirates are available right now as PDFs on sale at e23.


  1. *hands out cutlasses and flea collars!*

  2. What's the latest on the direct-to-PDF Unknown Armies supplements mentioned in October? (eg The Thin Black Line, et al)

  3. They are on hold indefinitely, I'm sorry to report.

    You can read more about it in the comments on this post: