OTE20 Limited Hardcover Update

This month we have released the Over the Edge 20th Anniversary Limited Edition hardcover, in a limited run of only 400 copies (each with a numbered bookplate signed by Jonathan Tweet). Today our distributors around the USA should be receiving their copies (along with the latest reprint of Gloom), and that in turn means they should be appearing in local game stores later this week.

If you reserved a copy directly from us, we have already sent you an invoice via PayPal. Since we're past the Aug. 1 payment deadline set when I sent out the invoices, I've been shipping out the remaining copies of the book on a "first come, first served" basis. The number of copies that were reserved but are not yet paid for is greater than the number of copies we have left to sell. So if you still want a copy you reserved, I encourage you to pay at your earliest convenience. We'll continue to send them to folks who reserved them -- or to sell them to our regular game distributors as those orders come in. If you know that you won't be buying the book, you can also log in to PayPal to cancel the invoice. Whenever our stock of the book is gone, I will cancel the remaining unpaid PayPal invoices.

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