Sub Rosa #12 Released!

The Sub Rosa fanzine for Ars Magica has just released its new issue #12. In the words of its publisher, it's "sixty pages (60!) of Ars Magica love."

"We’ve got adventures new and reenvisioned from veteran authors Jérôme Darmont and CJ Romer. We have more of Gerald Wylie’s Storyguide’s Handbook (now with tables!) and a look at the Kievan Rus by newcomer Elliot Smorodinsky. Ben McFarland brings you a Redcap companion you’ll never want to leave home and ways to make your magi live longer. Mark Lawford’s saga of Vulcanis Argens continues and Mappa Mundi looks at the books of other systems for inspiration with a pair of reviews that will have you making for your FLGS. We’ve packed this issue with all new and swoon-inducing artwork from the talented and generous Angela Taylor, Barrie James, Jason Tseng, and Patrick Demo. Under the Rose and David Chart round out the issue with News from the Line. And to top it all off, we’ve got a super secret surprise waiting for you on the back cover. Trust me, you’re going to want to know the shape of things to come."

Get it now through the Sub Rosa website!

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