Generosity Rewarded

Unknown Armies fans and would-be adepts are proving to be a surprisingly generous bunch, or are all vying for the Godwalker of the Philanthropist title.  We're not yet 24 hours into the limited-time Bundle of Holding, and we're already close to matching the success of the highly successful Feng Shui bundle that ran earlier this week.  It's a pay-what-you-want bundle, and the average amount paid has steadily crept higher -- as I type this, it just hit $12.00 even.

Well, we at Atlas Games figure such generosity should be rewarded (even if it makes me lose all my charges as a wily-and-parsimonius-game-publishing-omancer). Plus, if you have to shell out twelve whole bucks now to get the entire bundle, shouldn't you get even more for your money?

Result: One Shots is now added to the list of books, and you don't even need to beat the average to receive it -- just pay what you want for it and the UA core rulebook (minimum $4).  If you bought the bundle already, you should find it now on your personal download page.

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