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Less than a day into the Unknown Armies Bundle of Holding, it's a roaring success.

If you've bought the bundle and are hungry for more, or if you're curious about why so many gamers rate this as one of the best RPGs of all time, be sure to visit the Unknown Armies product line page on our website.  There you'll find a free 36-page preview of the main rulebook, a UA short story by Greg Stolze, among many goodies.

We've regularly reprinted the Unknown Armies 2nd Edition hardcover core rulebook whenever necessary since its release, keeping it in print for bibliomancers who require hard copy.  Supplements that are in print right now are Postmodern Magick, Hush Hush, and Break Today, and may be available through the world's finer local game stores.

In addition, the entire Unknown Armies line is available for sale in PDF from e23.

Thanks to all 581 people who have bought the bundle so far!

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