Feng Shui Playtest Update!

After a month of frenzied playtesting by a veritable horde of eager gamers, we've gathered together a hundred or so pages of feedback and siphoned off just enough chi to pass along to writer & game designer Robin D. Laws for his upcoming Feng Shui RPG revision. Thanks to all of our alpha Dragons, and almost twenty years of nail-biting experience, our beta testing should be epic. Watch this space in the coming months for more news, but until then, keep kicking ass and taking names!


  1. I sincerely hope that his new edition gives the system an overhaul, as the system performs rather differently in play ( At least for myself and my group) to how it's described in the core rule book. Basically, the mechanics are quite clunky and slow in actual play but are described as very fast and smooth in the book.

  2. ^ These were kind of classic pointless comments. "The Mechanics are clunky!". Well, which part? The dice rolling? The initiative system? The shot system? the math behind a difficulty check? I'm pretty happy w/ the mechanics, but am used to D&D. Feedback is good, but provide AG with feedback that's *useful*.

  3. I'm the person who posted the first comment above. The "clunky" aspect of the system I meant was the Shot Clock.

  4. Agreed.

    I just had to kill the campaign I was running. I like the powers and concept of the game, but it is clunky as hell. The mechanics just do not mesh well.

    In Feng Shui 2, some checks happen at the end of each round; some at the end of your turn; some when you use an ability; other rules take place every 3 turns, etc etc. Mechanics don’t mesh well, and they are often unrelated to each other. They create a checklist of things I really did not need, and am likely forgetting.

    I play heavy games like Burning Wheel, and I still found it too cumbersome.