+5 to Game Knowledge with the Newest Bundle of Holding

You may be used to the Bundle of Holding as the ideal place to fill out your RPG library so that your cup of adventure may ever runneth over, but this week’s the Bundle is a different kind of awesome. Frequent Atlas collaborator extraordinaire Robin Law’s book 40 Years of GenCon is included as part of this week’s Gaming History–themed package, Designers, Dragons and More. Enhance your game play and your domination of all things game trivia with a collection that tells the creation stories of your favorite games.

Other titles in the Bundle include:

The Four Volume Designers and Dragons set of roleplaying histories from Evil Hat
Each volume covers a decade of RPG history, highlighting the important names, facts, and stories about how gaming became what it is.

Games: The 100 Best from Green Ronin
Field experts, including writers, designers and notable game lovers share essays on the  cream of the gaming crop over the last 50 years.

New to the Bundle of Holding? You’ll get DRM-free PDFs of the week’s excellent offerings for a fraction of the price of the physical books. And 10% of each Bundle’s proceeds are always donated to charities. This Bundle's charity organization is Reading is Fundamental

This Bundle will be available until January 30th, 2015.


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