Welcome Kyla McT to the Atlas Games team!

Kyla McCorkle Tonding is Atlas’ newest hire and Game Producer.

That means she does a little bit of everything, like project management, graphic design, and copyediting. Variety is the spice of work! She prefers working for small businesses, and has worked everywhere from a museum to a mobile app developer, doing everything from accounting to social media, even playing a theremin. Poorly.

She was born in North Minneapolis and bought a house there last year. Having a kitchen, a basement, and a backyard allowed her to finally realize her dreams of hosting dinner parties, having space for neatly-organized craft supplies, and welcoming a puppy to the family.

Her parents met at debate camp, so gaming was (and still is!) second only to arguing as a family pastime. She was raised to believe that games and arguments bring people together. After a brief stint as a political science major in college, Kyla realized that arguing for a living sounds terrible, so she’s delighted to be working in the gaming industry.

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  1. Hello, you sound nice. Welcome to Atlas!

    John's empire seems to be growing rapidly...