Atlas Games’ Demo Team Goes Live,
With Limited-Time Signing Bonus


June 4, 2003

Roseville, MN –
Atlas Games is pleased to announce that the much-anticipated Special Ops demo team is active once again. The Special Ops program was originally developed as a demo team for the On the Edge CCG. This week’s announcement marks the relaunching of the Special Ops program, reconceived as a more generalized demo team for a broad range of Atlas Games’ products.

As part of the Special Ops team’s resurrection, Atlas Games is actively looking for enthusiastic, friendly, outgoing players to organize and run demos and tournaments at retail stores and conventions. For their work, they earn Hazard Pay, which they can exchange for nearly any Atlas Games product. Special Ops members also gain access to the secret Special Ops web page and Special Ops discussion group, qualify for prize support for tournaments, participate in quarterly Special Award drawings for unique and limited-quantity Atlas Games items, and get the chance to support their favorite game publisher.

Atlas Games is currently looking for Special Ops applicants familiar with the following games:

Ars Magica, 4th Ed
Cults Across America
Feng Shui
Lunch Money
Lunch Money Button Men
Once Upon a Time, 2nd Ed
On the Edge CCG
Over the Edge RPG, 2nd Ed
Rune RPG
Unknown Armies, 2nd Ed

As part of Atlas Games’ push to recruit new demo team members, two special promotions are available to those who apply before June 30th. Enter your own name on the "Referred By" line of your Special Ops Application, and you'll receive 5 bonus Hazard Pay points when you reach 50 Hazard Pay points. Plus, every person who signs up before the June 30th deadline will be entered in the first Special Award drawing for one-of-a-kind Atlas Games items like uncut press sheets and printers' proofs!

Also, for retail store owners who’d like to promote Atlas Games’ Special Ops team, recruitment posters are available on the Atlas Games web site to help customers take the first step toward running in-store demos.

To join the Atlas Games Special Ops demo team, find out more about it, or download a recruitment poster, visit .

Michelle Nephew
PO Box 131233, Roseville, MN 55113
(651) 638-0077


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