Penumbra Fantasy Bestiary Gets Loose

The Penumbra Fantasy Bestiary has arrived in our warehouse and will soon be making its way to distributors, retailers, and you. You can get two new, free monsters and pre-order the book at our official website.

A few copies of the book have already gotten loose, however, and are now roaming the countryside. The book is very large, but is not dangerous if handled correctly. If you happen upon a Penumbra Fantasy Bestiary in the wild, we recommend you grab it firmly in both hands and gently flip its pages to pacify it. Then, once the book has calmed down (it may begin to purr), you'll find it's safe to take home. (Standard Care: page through the Bestiary at least once per week, perhaps when planning your next adventure, and feed it 3 to 4 Hit Dice of PCs every 7 to 10 days.)

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