South of the Sun: Now in PDF Format

Today I finished the picture and map scans for South of the Sun, one of the earliest Atlas Games publications. More than a decade before Nyambe, our first foray into a fantasy Africa was this Ars Magica™ 2nd Edition sourcebook about the mythical kingdom of Prester John and surrounding wonders, written by Thomas M. Kane.

Back in 1991, when this book was published, we used a combination of computer layout and mechanical paste-up (we didn't own a scanner until 1993, when we invested in it for the first edition of Once Upon A Time), so I had to dig out the original camera-ready copy to make scans to place in the layout files. The final result is a PDF file, bringing this long out-of-print book to today's Ars Magica players. The download costs $7.95, and is available today from RPGNow.

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